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Do you want to offer Halal-certified or Muslim-friendly goods & services to the global Muslim consumer? Let us simplify the halal process for you by guiding you through the relevant certification process specific to your intended market.

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Browse the best in Muslim-friendly food, services and destinations to compliment your Halal lifestyle in whichever part of the world you may be living in or visiting, while keeping in touch with current news from the global Muslim community.

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By working together, we can contribute more effectively to the halal economy. We welcome any government-linked company, certification bodies, halal consultants and other halal goods & service providers to connect with us & champion the cause.

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SimplyHalal International facilitates halal trade expansion within the vibrant halal industry for both domestic and international markets for Muslim consumer penetration.


Our Services


Leveraging on first-hand industry insight and a combined experience of more than 10 years, we understand the challenges businesses may face within the dynamic socio-cultural, economic-political landscape. We commit to simplify Halal matters for your business without compromising on credibility by offering effective solutions within the vibrant Halal industry. This will serve the Muslim end-consumer by providing greater accessibility and assurance for Muslim-friendly produce in every part of the world.

We invite you to enrich your halal capabilities with SimplyHalal International.