SINGAPORE – From posh nosh to street fare, a halal directory

A multi-cultural cosmopolitan city know for many things, one of which is the multitude of variety of food that she has to offer from posh nosh to street fare. For a listing of halal eats divided by zones, check out this halal food directory: so you know where to head out for the best halal […]

CASABLANCA – Russia and Morocco on the way of mutually beneficial cooperation in the halal industry

Casablanca, Dec 6, 2013 – The Russian-Moroccan Business Forum on 2-4 December (Casablanca, Morocco) was attended by over 40 Russian companies from various business sectors. The Forum has shown positive prospects for mutually beneficial cooperation between the countries. One of the results of the Russian-Moroccan business week was signing of the agreement on cooperation in […]

HONG KONG – Exploring Halal Eats & Treats

If you are planning a trip to Hong Kong for business or leisure, Hong Kong has restaurants serving halal food for the city’s indigenous and expatriate Muslim population. Check out this list of halal certified food outlets as compiled by Hong Kong Tourism Board However, please note that some restaurants serving halal food also serve alcohol. Always ask […]

AUSTRALIA – Aussie firms paying inflated price to have halal certification

Australia, Oct 18, 2013 – POWERFUL Muslim clerics in Jakarta are raising money for Islamic schools and mosques by forcing Australian businesses to pay an inflated religious levy on meat exports. The Indonesian Council of Ulama (MUI), the top Islamic body which orders Fatwa religious rulings, is dictating how much Australian companies must pay to […]

DUBAI – Breathable nail polish a hit with Muslim women

Dubai, Apr 25, 2013 – A “breathable” nail polish created as a less harmful alternative to regular nail varnish has become a surprise hit among Muslim women. The polish looks trendy, and — making it interesting to Muslim women — it is said to be halal (allowed by Islamic law) and provides no obstacle for […]

BERLIN – Affluent Muslim globetrotters fuelling global tourism boom

Berlin, March 12, 2013 – The international tourism industry is gradually awakening to an emerging travel market that is twice the size of China’s, and bigger than that of the US — affluent Muslim holidaymakers with money to spend. At the world’s largest travel trade show, which wrapped up in Germany over the weekend, attendees […]

JAKARTA – MUI Plans to Regulate Indonesia’s Halal Imports

Jakarta, Jan 7, 2010 – The country’s highest authority on Islamic affairs, the Indonesian Council of Ulema, is planning to insist that all imported food labeled as halal obtain the council’s own halal certification before it can be sold here. The council’s Food, Drugs and Cosmetic Assessment Institute is the sole issuer of halal certificates […]