CASABLANCA – Russia and Morocco on the way of mutually beneficial cooperation in the halal industry

Casablanca, Dec 6, 2013 – The Russian-Moroccan Business Forum on 2-4 December (Casablanca, Morocco) was attended by over 40 Russian companies from various business sectors. The Forum has shown positive prospects for mutually beneficial cooperation between the countries.

One of the results of the Russian-Moroccan business week was signing of the agreement on cooperation in the development of bilateral relations in the field of halal industry between ASMEX and Russian Muftis Council on December 4 in Casablanca, the economic capital of Morocco, where ASMEX locates its head office . The Memorandum was signed by Mr. Hassan Sentissi (president of ASMEX, co-chairman of the Russian-Moroccan Business Council) and Ms. Madina Kalimullina (director of Economic Department of RMC, director of Moscow Halal Expo).

Association of Moroccan exporters (ASMEX) has existed for over 30 years. This year ASMEX was one of the founders of the Halal Club, also it is one of the organizers of the Halal Expo International held in Morocco for the second time this year.

“During visiting Morocco we had the opportunity to meet with the heads of several companies, which do business in accordance with the requirements of halal. We see that both the retail chains and hotels can quite successfully and competitively meet these requirements,” – Ms. Madina Kalimullina said.

“Halal Market is a new concept of doing business and the direction has huge prospects for the future” – said Mr. Abdullah Yacoubi, the member of the Board of ASMEX.

In the closing ceremony of the forum the agreement between the CCI of Lipetsk region and CCI of Rabat was also signed. Mr. S. Yankovets, general director of the Russian-Arab Business Council, noted that the trip was very intense and allowed to form a good basis for further cooperation.

According to Mr. Vyacheslav Khrulev, Russian trade representative in Morocco, Russian business still has very little information about Morocco, and it is necessary to fill this gap. He also cited data that Morocco is far ahead of Russia on business ethics and many indicators of doing business.

He also cited data that Morocco is far ahead of Russia on business ethics and many indicators of doing business.

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